The Fuxedo on MTV

Stuckey showed off The Fuxedo on MTV’s “Jobs That Don’t Suck”. Here’s a sneak peek



We Shot Some Superbowl Web Commercials!

Here are 4 spots we wrote, directed, and edited for Wiser’s Whiskey for the Superbowl. You give us 60 hours to come up with a commercial and this is what it’ll look like…

New Music Video

Here’s a new music video from our album We Tried. We’ve finally found our sound. Enjoy and please share with your friends…

8 Million Awkward Sex Hits

$35 For The New Album and More

Head to our store and get our new album plus a ton of other shit for just $35.

Buy The New Album

Finally, after 40 long years, the new Stuckey & Murray album is out. It features our talented friends (including John Foti) and check out how awesome our abs look.

Buy it here….

Also, here’s a new video for the single Shake That Baby


The New Album is Out June 25th

Or if you’d rather pay money and not get anything, you can pre-order it now at Amazon.


We’re on Guy Code again!

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MTV Shows

A Hilarious Article about S&M

Check out this interview we did with Molly over at For The Love of Blog. She’s the shit!

Stuckey & Murray’s Pilot

Stuckey & Murray have shot a pilot for a major cable network. It takes place in the back of a taxi and we had a chance to interview the hilarious Josh Gad (Book of Mormon, 1600 Penn). There are also hidden-camera stunts and a performance by the Brooklyn band Xylos. In typical Stuckey & Murray fashion, it ends more dramatically than any other television show in history. Enjoy!